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Psychology Undergraduate Student Desperately Searching for Summer Job. With my options being limited to a part-time job at a grocery store and working at company that funds small business loans, the choice was made. As a Psychology student starting to work in the business world, it’s definitely daunting at times. Especially when phrases such as, business loans, bad credit business loans, working capital and small business funding are tossed around. But, I learned fairly quickly that these concepts are simple in their nature.

They’re not incredibly complex, or scamming small businesses as I had previously considered about the world of business loans.  Instead, these loans are genuinely helping small businesses grow through working capital. As a Psychology student, helping others in any way that I can is my primary mission in life. Whether that be helping individuals work through overwhelming issues emotionally or financially. My involvement in this company can be described as a first-responder, rushing to help others by reaching them in anyway that I can. Most individuals are desperate for any type of aid, and do everything in their power to help me help them. But, there are individuals who shrug away the help and decide to stitch up their financial wounds on their own. Not realizing that without experienced help, that stitch is likely to rip open before their business has fully healed.

Connections have always been the most fruitful method of growth. A small business owner’s ability to get in contact with a funding manager can make the difference between a struggling business and a successful one.  Funding can greatly heal and further grow an individuals business. I will try to help an individual accomplish obtaining this funding in any way possible.