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business cash advance loan helps all kinds of businesses push through these kinds of financial barriers to growth, but are ESPECIALLY EFFECTIVE in the automotive repair & maintenance industry. Why? Simply because the owners of this type of business always know exactly what he would do with the money to grow effectively.

When I ask a potential client what would help them grow the most quickly I get a few different answers. New equipment like a machine that can interface with certain types of auto computer systems, repair equipment to speed up jobs, expanding, and hiring help.  The owner of Omega Auto Body in Hicksville, NY runs his family owned body shop along with his brother for 25 years.  When I first started taking my cars to his shop he didn’t have a lot of other business so he was able to take care of my car quickly and carefully.

As I saw his business grow by passing by it every morning I could see more people working there, more cars, and more services listed on the sign.  The next time I had to take my car in I asked him about this directly. And he responded by explaining this “new kind” of loan that he got (not knowing my job) and how it had helped his business keep up with all the new business by hiring more people and getting the new equipment to offer things like new paint jobs and other custom work.  It goes to show what a savvy owner can do this a little help from a business loan or merchant cash advance