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Have you ever thought “man, if I could just get that new tractor, new slushy machine, or hire that new employee I could double my revenue!” Well now you can with a merchant cash advance from Tigerlyfe Capital Solutions. You can spend all day dreaming about the possibilities or you can do something about it. Business cash advance loans can be easily obtained based only on gross monthly income, three months of bank statements to prove it and a flat fee.  Taking that first step is just the beginning of our journey together to increase your revenue significantly. How does that work? Perhaps an example of a company we helped double revenue in just six months would help illustrate how a merchant cash advance will help you.

James Johnson has been running his barber shop out of a small store-front off main street for two years and has maxed out his monthly earning capacity with only one barber chair at $10,000 gross monthly revenue.  He applies for an MCA (merchant cash advance) loan with Tigerlyfe Capital Solutions and is able to secure $8000 of working capital.  With the money he is able to rent the store-front on main street, buy a second barber chair, and hire another barber with their own book of business.

Within just three months James has paid off his advance and because his monthly revenue had increased to $15000, he was able to renew his advance and got $15,000. Now James had a payment history with Tigerlyfe Capital which made it much easier to secure funds. With the $15,000, he invested in a beautiful sign. local marketing, and another barber chair with a new employee. Another three months go by all the while getting more and more customers from his upgrades and by the time he was paid off, his monthly gross revenue was $25,000! Time to renew!  So now you can see just how easy it can be to grow your business exponentially with a Tigerlyfe Capital business loan.

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