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“What qualified, successful, impressive job did I hold for three years before launching myself into the world of business loans?” Might be a question racking through the brains of any readers I may have reached from my previous blog post. Three chilling words: “Ralph’s Italian Ices”. I know what you’re thinking, how can “Gabriella’s Journey” be a credible, reliable source of information regarding small business loans? Well, as I mentioned before my primary goal is to help others in any way that I can and serving icy cold treats was my only option.

But, in all seriousness, working as an assistant manager at Ralph’s taught me many valuable lessons that I find applicable to this job besides scooping ices. For example, every night I had the grueling task of counting the cash drawer. Seems easy right? Wrong. The process of counting every single penny, dime, nickel, quarter, dollar bill takes at least one hour. And if you do it wrong? Forget about it, you have the start the ENTIRE process all over again.  Working in the food industry, isn’t easy and I’ve seen first hand the pressure that it can put on business owners. At the particular Ralph’s that I worked at, there were two owners. Meaning I had two bosses asking me every single night what the cash drawer made that particular day. TWO bosses that would panic if the cash drawer total was off because they needed those ten dollars to help the business succeed. With a business loan, my two bosses wouldn’t have to constantly worry about making ends meet and keeping their business open. It wouldn’t matter if both of my bosses had terrible credit, didn’t qualify with traditional banking or if they had any collateral to offer.

The struggling businessman harms himself and his business if he doesn’t take the option to obtain a business loan and maintain his cash flow. Stagnant business cannot move forward without a positive cash flow. So, why would you leave it up to the assistant manager balancing the cash drawer to see if your business can succeed or not?