Personal Training

Fitness doesn’t always come easy, but with a trainer’s guidance, you can maximize your results in a minimal amount of time.

Fitness doesn’t always come easy

It takes commitment, time, knowledge, and perseverance. Our professional, certified staff is committed to customer service. Whether you are just beginning a wellness program, in need of nutritional guidance, or advancing to the personal training level, we are here to make your exercise experience a very positive one.

An AFC qualified personal trainer is someone who has the expertise, educational background, and diagnostic know-how to design an individualized exercise program. Once your trainer has found out what your goals are, he or she can tailor a program to help you achieve them. With a trainer’s guidance, you can maximize your results in a minimal amount of time.

Personal Training Alliance Fitness Center

What to Expect

The first session with your Alliance trainer will begin with our assessment. During the assessment process, you will be given the opportunity to establish your personal goals as well as establishing your performance needs based on ROM/Flexibility testing, General Movement, Posture and Gait Analysis as well as assessing your cardiovascular needs. Using the assessment as the starting point, our Professional Trainers design a personalized corrective and performance-enhancing program that will address your needs as well as your goals. Members can work with their Trainer on a full-time, part-time, or periodic schedule based on their interest, time, and financial parameters.

When it comes to fitness we know you have particular needs, frustrations, and preferences. One reason for our high client success rate is that we turn each member’s distinctiveness into a training advantage. Alliance Trainers are masters at creating specialized programs that align with your goals while focusing on your overall fitness experience. We ensure that fitness becomes a part of your lifestyle and that you enjoy yourself in the process.

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