Our Insights

What makes Macrophage Decision Resources different? Our team.

Our Insights

Our Team. Our Insights.

Our vast experience spans the healthcare and intelligence value chains, with a focus on industry experience and connections.  Our broad team is highly neurodiverse, allowing us to engage information inputs that other firms simply miss.

We love the MD’s, PharmD’s and PHD’s on our team. But we recognize the value of including regulatory, supply chain, CRO, CSO, finance, and even former intelligence experts. This diverse brain trust elevates our understanding of the bigger picture.

Our team has thousands of hours’ worth of combined experience and has supported hundreds of projects across therapeutic areas. We truly global, with experience in the US, Europe, Asia, and South America.

Further, we have supported clients both large and small in biopharma, Fortune 500 pharma, global device, and diagnostic companies, surgical device manufacturers, and even software creators.

Above all, our core skill is in applying our all-source intelligence tactics, making us the most versatile firm around. We quickly and efficiently gather actionable insights and this allows our clients to push the envelope of human medical understanding.

Lead the pack, with Macrophage Decision Resources.