Birth To 3 Early Intervention

Concerns About My Child

All babies and toddlers develop and learn differently. As parents, we are in a constant state of wonder (and worry) whether our child’s development is on track.

Most often, children follow a predictable developmental pattern…

However, numerous studies reveal that up to 15 percent of children have a developmental delay but only 3% of these children are receiving appropriate supportive services. It is important for you to recognize when your child may have a delay and seek out these services. You have made the first step, let WeeTalk’s expert therapists help you along the way! Early intervention makes a difference!

Boyle CA, Boulet S, Schieve LA, et al. Trends in the prevalence of developmental disabilities in U.S. children, 1997–2008. Pediatrics 2011;127:1034–42

Early Intervention Communication


Did you know your baby can communicate from birth through cries, sounds, and facial expressions that rapidly turn into gestures and develop the first three years of life?

Early Intervention Physical Development

Physical Development

As your baby grows, the development of their muscles will help them hold their head up, sit, crawl and eventually walk, run, and jump! Are you concerned about your child’s physical development?

Early Intervention Feeding

Feeding / Self Help

Feeding your baby should be a moment filled with comfort and bonding, sometimes things don’t go so smoothly and can be downright stressful! If you are concerned about your child’s feeding skills, don’t wait to get the help and support you need!

Early Intervention Cognition Play

Cognition / Play

Infants and toddlers are active learners who move, explore, touch, solve problems, talk, figure things out, question, interact, and make messes. Sometimes children need support to facilitate play, exploration, and learning.

Early Intervention Social Emotional

Social Emotional

Through early nurturing and responsive interaction, infants and toddlers learn how to get their wants and needs met, connect with others, and how to regulate their emotions.

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WeeTalk provides a full range of Early Intervention services for infants and children since 2006. Our specialized services include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Feeding Therapy and Special Instruction as well as Hearing, Visual, and Behavior Supports.

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